My name is Yeiniz, and yes, I
believe in unicorns- or creatives
who know they're magical
and aren't afraid to show it.


Media Unicorn | Art Enthusiast

Home Town:

Corozal, Puerto Rico

Current Location:

Dorado, Puerto Rico

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I love creating media magic.

Most recently, I've had the most magical time working as an Art Director and Brand Manager. Some of my favorite brands to work with have been Dr Pepper Mexico, Lyft and Airbnb.

I've been greatly influenced by women with an undeniable presence and unapologetic ambition. Like my abuela, my mamita, my older sister, and my wonder woman ex-boss, all noteworthy boss ladies. Today, I aspire to be equally as wonderful.

Magical experiences and places I've been spotted:
-Puerto Rico: working on an interactive startup with my mentor and cousin, Madeline Peralta to motivate and help kids to read in Spanish.
-Las Vegas: networking at the Latin Grammys with my talented friends and clients, Miami-based duo Periko and Jessi Leon.
-Buenos Aires: learning the art of filetiado porteño with my street artist friends, who now call themselves "Sin Mercy Crew."
-Madrid: interning as an Art Director in the second "Best Place to Work" ranked by Scope, a beautifully designed space by Studio Banana.
-San Francisco: having seven picnics in three months, which eventually led to a campaign idea for a local juice brand.
-Miami: collaborating with fellow boss lady and founder of Studio Uni and Women Unwined, Dani Hernandez.
-Puerto Rico 2.0: fundraising and getting involved with post-hurricane relief efforts, me and my friends created Puerto Rico Rises.